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Article from the 2015-12-02, by Anja Beckmann

Ich Designer Blogger Kristina concentrates on living and furnishing with a focus on DIY and recycling design on her blog ICH DESIGNER since 2010. What is special from ICH DESIGNER: Kristina's craftsmanship and her preference to combine purchased with artefacts from the bulky waste and selfmade items.

Kristina comes from the south Hesse Dieburg and she is actually an independent architect and interior designer. The readers will be able to experience all kinds of inspirations and exceptional ideas where personal interest and craftsmanship meet.

What do we like from ICH DESIGNER? The creativity that lies behind each post: DIY ideas with style. Kristina focusses on recycling, she has always an eye on the environment. And a personal, honest writing style. Be inspired by Kristina's ingenuity, it is a pleasure to watch!

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And eventually Kristina told us which are her favourites of our shop...

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