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Designer Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are real all-round talents; they combine aesthetics with functionality and are the centre of the room in many homes. Whether spending a cosy evening with friends and family or relaxing with a good book, your choice of coffee table needs to be well-planned.

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Designer Coffee Table: the Visual Anchor of the Living Room

If you still don't know exactly which table is the best match for your living room, we are here to help. Here you will find all the information about the various types of tables – from the designer table to the side table to the sofa table – and learn what else needs to be kept in mind.

The Right Coffee Table – What to Keep in Mind:

1. Shape and Size
2. Material and Colour
3. Functionality
4. Care
5. Price

1. Shape and Size: Your Living Room Determines Your Specifications

The selection of the length, width and shape is the first step when purchasing a new table for the living room. Here nothing stands in the way of your creativity: whether the designer coffee table is to be round, square, oval, unusual or abstract – there are numerous possibilities. Your personal feeling determines which choice is the right one. An important guiding point is the shape of the sofa or suite. If two equal-sized armchairs are placed opposite or two elongated sofas across corner, a square or round table blends seamlessly into your home interior. Elongated tables at three-seater sofas offer each guest sufficient space for glasses or plates. The Slit Table by Hay, for example, is an interesting selection for every situation. Alternatively you can combine two similar tables of different heights or sizes. For example the round Tablo by Normann Copenhagen is very flexible. Even with a coffee table, enough space should remain so you and your guests can easily access the various places of the sofa to sit down. Before you make the purchase, you should measure the available space, keeping the passage way in mind. This way, you already have a rough guideline.

2. Material and Colour: Calm or Dynamic

A coffee table made of glass is very unobtrusive and makes small and medium-sized living rooms visually larger. Wood brings naturalness in the room and aluminium creates a simple, cool centre. When choosing the material, consider also the existing pieces of furniture. In general the following applies regarding material and colour: the new piece of furniture should match well with the other furnishings; in particular, the interplay between the flooring and the sofa is crucial. Light natural wood together with white is considered a weak contrast combination and creates a lot of peace and harmony in the room, while bright colours and elaborate patterns provide dynamism.

3. Functionality: from Storing to Lighting

A good coffee table doesn't only integrate well in the sofa corner, but scores with functionality and storage space for newspapers or remote controls. Everything should be accessible from the seating area. Coffee tables are generally low in order to adapt to the sofa's height. So, with a ground-level model you will succeed in making a visual adjustment to the seat furnishing. But if you would like to eat at the table frequently, you should choose a higher model. And there are many living room tables adjustable in height and therefore very convenient for all occasions – whether for dinner or as a storage shelf, a height-adjustable coffee table such as the Overdyed Side Table from Diesel is handy and fits to the sofa. The exclusive Lounge Table Indoor by Moree with dimming function is a good example of how a table and lighting can be an additional design element and become a stylish eye catcher as a living room table.

No matter how specifically you select your table, a certain flair gets lost with a scratched floor. Therefore, we recommend using felt or plastic glides on the bottom of your coffee table to protect the floor of your living room. Without glides, damage and scratches are quickly caused when moving the table on the floor. Most pieces of furniture are already equipped with plastic glides, these are suitable primarily for carpeting or floor tiles. For leaving no marks on sensitive floors such as parquet, laminate or hardwood floors, we recommend felt pads or glides. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

4. Care: Maintaining Your Coffee Table Made Easy

The cleaning of glass tables is easy. In order to keep the surface clear for a long time, first clean it with a damp cloth and dry the surface with a microfibre cloth. Avoid using alkaline lyes and aggressive agents. Untreated wooden tables should be treated with a special care oil every few months. This way, you preserve the strong colour and fresh appearance. The care oil also protects the wood if you occasionally wipe the table with a damp cloth. To remove any dust, just use a dry cloth or a feather duster. Lacquered wooden and plastic tables are particularly easy to maintain in comparison, because wet cleaning won't do them any harm. When choosing the colour and material you should consider the intensity of care: on a bright surface, you can see dust and dirt faster than on dark tables.

5. Price: Designer Models in Different Price Classes at Connox

You will find a variety of beautiful designer tables at Connox – there is something for every taste. The Laccio 2 Coffee Table by Knoll is a trendy eye-catcher, for example. This elegant, stylish designer couch table presents itself in a modern and at the same time timeless design combining aesthetics with functionality. The Bell Coffee Table by ClassiCon is a designer table for the living room at the highest level. It's a round coffee table made of brass. The glass base, which is traditionally blown in a wooden mould, in combination with the pressed metal body, brings an elegant swing into your living room. The coffee table is available in different versions. Knoll and ClassiCon products are design classics and are thus in the high-priced segment.

The company Normann Copenhagen offers a coffee table made of wood with different surfaces. There are also matching designer armchairs in various styles which, in combination with the designer coffee table and the sitting area create a nice highlight for your living room.

The Tray Table by Hay is also something special: since the elegant, square coffee table in white or black consists of several individual, smaller tables, it provides a high degree of flexibility and functionality. The tables can be combined as needed – this way the modern design and the practical benefits of the Tray Table by Hay fit perfectly into any surrounding. Scandinavian design is known for being made for everyone. For this reason, there are many high-quality living room tables in the middle price segment – stylish basics, but also fancier tables.

Designer Coffee Tables by Connox – Your Benefits:

Shopping Guide at Connox

You would like to purchase a design coffee tabel online, but you need some help? Feel free to contact our custormer care service any time. If you have any questions, we will answer them and give recommendations and tips.