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Scandinavian Design

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Scandinavian Furniture - Great Functionality

Light wood, layers, functional shapes and friendly colours. As soon as the idea of Scandinavian Design arose, these associations were near and enthusiastic since the middle of the last century, one generation after the other. It is not surprising, that the Scandinavian Design had such a large fan club: its reduced language form is practised all over without interruption. The use of organic material and a certain pragmatism create a warm and inviting impression.

Between Modernism and Traditional Scandinavian Handicraft Art

The Scandinavian Design has set its mark over the last six decades in international design. This is not only the case in equality between shape, function, stability and costs, but also in skilful marketing. For very long the Scandinavian countries have decided to have a similar appearance in international design: The very first time The Scandinavian Design idea arose was in 1951 during the London Exhibition "Scandinavian Design for Living". The Exhibition presented Furniture, glass and textiles of different Scandinavian Designers. Picture research for the Series 7 ChairThese were connected to the coming modernisms of Germany and France with traditional Scandinavian handicraft made of local materials like birch wood, glass, clay and cloth. The exhibition that followed "Design in Scandinavia" toured the USA and Canada from 1954 to 1957 and established the Scandinavian Modernism also internationally.

Everyone's Love of Nature & Design

From the beginning the concept of Scandinavian Design went in with an agreed presentation of the Scandinavian business: The use of organic materials was interpreted as the Scandinavian love of Nature and the simplicity and functionality of furniture as a symbol of the equal, democratic lifestyle. Especially in Germany after the Second World War, these social and democratic ideas that emerged in Scandinavian Design were very popular. Cheap mass production and new manufacturing techniques made good design for everyone possible. The technology of laminating wood with the help of dampness, played an important role for the success of the Danish furniture manufacturers Fritz Hansen. The design of the Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen from 1952 is until today the most popular chair of the company. One finds it in schools, canteens and private houses.

Why Scandinavian Furniture is still popular after Generations

The classical Scandinavian Designer is a definite source of inspiration for many younger design companies. Through the influence of the international designers and the claim of many manufacturers, the classic Scandinavian design language for expanding and enhancing new perspectives, Scandinavian furniture receives more and more modern movements. The personal experiences of the designer should shape the product's form, so that the Scandinavian Design is always contemporary and relevant. These new influences ensure that the Scandinavian furniture does not become obsolete, but that future generations can still enjoy its functional elegance!

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