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Felt Rugs

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A felt rug gives a pleasant and warm atmosphere to any room. Whether you want to introduce more colour into your living room or provide a soft place for your child to play, felt rugs are resilient and will give any room a structured and warm atmosphere.

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Felt Rugs: Structure and Ambiance for Your Home

A felt carpet gives a pleasant and warm atmosphere to any room. Whether you want to introduce more colour into your living room or provide a soft place for your child to play, felt rugs are resilient and will give any room a structured and warm atmosphere. In our online shop, you will find high-quality designs in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Be inspired!

The Perfect Felt Rug – How to Pick the Right One

1. What is a Felt Rug?
2. Colours and Sizes
3. Tips for the Living- and Dining Room
4. Care Instructions
5. Price

1. What is a Felt Rug and Where Can You Use It?

The felt rugs in our shop are made from 100% pure new wool, so they are natural products that you can use in any room without hesitation. During the manufacturing process, the wool is first cleaned and combed, and then spun to tightly bind the fibres together; the result is fantastically soft felt. The material has high-pressure elastic properties meaning it is flexible, robust and easy to care for. Moreover, it is moisture-resistant, mechanically resilient, and flame-retardant.

Felt rugs also absorb noise. This makes them ideal for laminated and parquet floors whose sound insulation is not sufficient. Thanks to its high insulation capacity, a generously dimensioned round felt rug can serve the children as a soft surface to play on. In the living room, it will also take on a decorative function whilst in the hallway, it is an attractive eye-catcher as a modern runner.

2. Different Shapes and Sizes for Any Purpose

Different designs, shapes and sizes exist for different purposes. The round Bigdot rug by Hey Sign has a non-slip coating and has a very pleasant effect on the room's acoustics. It is perfectly suited for the office, the entrance hall or reception rooms.

The vivid motif of the round Pinocchio rug by Hay brings joy and colour to the children's room; whilst the pebble-like appearance of the Hardy felt rug by myfelt is a more discreet option for the living room, bedroom or hallway.

The extremely colourful rectangular runner Lotte is also available by the manufacturer myfelt. Like every felt rug in our shop, it is a unique handmade piece out of pure wool.

3. Tips for the Living- and Dining Room

If you want a large felt rug for the living- or dining room, we recommend that you place it at least one metre away from the walls. This allows for doors to still be easily opened and closed without the rug getting in the way. Small, round felt rugs can be used as a base for magazine racks or stools. A larger rug will be necessary for your reading chair. The size will depend on how big the furniture is: A beautiful rectangular carpet runner or a large round felt rug is ideal to place your chair on in the middle. When choosing a rug to put underneath your round coffee table, it is best to select a round shape to create an elegant ensemble. However, if you are looking to create a style break, why not combine a rectangular piece of furniture with a round rug and vice-versa.

Take into consideration your current interior design including the colour of the walls and decorative pieces such as cushions, curtains, etc. This will help you pick the perfect colour for your rug - for example the Bigdot rug. Blue is easily combined with other colours, but depending on its shade, it can be rather cold. Red has a luxurious feel, yellow reflects light very well and dark colours bring warmth to a room. Green has a calming effect, purple is noble and adds a touch of prosperity to the area.

4. How to Care for Your Felt Carpet

Felt rugs made from pure wool are very robust and resistant due to the natural fat content. This also helps when caring for the material. If the dirt on the rug is superficial, it can simply be brushed off or hoovered. For stubborn dirt, you can hand wash small felt rugs. Use a sponge and shampoo or a special cleaning agent. If the carpet has been dried after rinsing, you can re-shape it by hand or with a steam iron on a low temperature setting. In case of doubt or for very stubborn stains, have your felt rug dry-cleaned by an expert.

5. Price

In our shop, you will find felt rugs of different price ranges. Myfelt mostly offers inexpensive basics like the Lotte rug. The stunning Hardy rugs however, will be found in the higher price range. Every piece by this Berlin carpet manufacturer are unique and handmade from the finest materials.

The Danish manufacturer Hay also offers exquisite items at extremely affordable prices, including those from the Pinocchio series. Hay, who has been present on the market since 2003, is characterised by a wide range of contemporary designs.

In the mid-price range, the Bigdot rug by Hey sign is an excellent option. Their wool felt products are also handcrafted in Germany and they are certified by "The Woolmark Company".

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