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Bedroom Decoration Made Easy: 5 Simple Rules and Plenty of Inspiration for the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Bedroom decoration in red and earth tones

When it comes to decorating the house, the bedroom is not usually very high up in the list of priorities. It’s often the place where we hastily store our vacuum cleaners, where there’s not really enough light for plants... and we receive guests in the living room, anyway. And yet:
With a few basics and some carefully chosen accessories, it’s easy to style your bedroom - atmosphere included. Follow our tips and say goodbye to your cluttered storage room and hello to the bedroom of your dreams!

Create your own unique space for rest and relaxation with these bedroom basics:

  1. Opt for Closed Cabinets instead of Open Shelves
  2. Play with Colours – Or... Don’t!
  3. Make the Most of What You’ve Already Got
  4. Use Cushions and Blankets for More than Just Comfort
  5. Add Finishing Touches to Your Bedroom Decor

Top priority in terms of bedroom decoration: Less is more. Decorating does not mean cramming as much in as possible. Especially in the bedroom, too many deco figures, dust-gathering teddy bears and flashy colours create a hectic aesthetic. Empty spaces and harmoniously co-ordinated tones, on the other hand, provide the necessary peace and quiet you need to shut out the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Create careful highlights amongst airy space: a smattering of charming accessories give your bedroom atmosphere and personality.

Bedroom decoration by blogger Jaqueline Pauly
Marius Chest of drawers from Hartô in light gray (RAL 7035)
Marius Drawer chest of drawers from Hartô

1. Opt for Closed Cabinets instead of Open Shelves

Does your bedroom double up as a storage room? Even when space is limited, vacuum cleaners, clothes horses and ironing boards can be stored discreetly. Utilise niches! Shelving systems such as those by String, byLassen and Tojo can be individually adapted to your room and even offer cabinet modules with doors, allowing you to discreetly to store your household objects while keeping them handy for use. Room dividersor paravents can keep bulky household objects out of sight. When it comes to clothing and bed linens, closed cabinets also have a decisive advantage: You decide how your bedroom looks, it is not determined by your clothes.

Speaking of clothes, there are some really modern laundry baskets and bags around today, in a huge variety of designs. Choose one that matches the colour of your bedroom and thus transform your unsightly pile of washing into a stylish decor piece!

Ferm Living - Laundry baskets
Wall secretary in bedroom
ferm Living - Unfold Room Divider

You have to fit a desk into the bedroom as well? Modern, space-saving secretaries keep cables out of sight and store the computer away when it’s not being used. That’s all it takes to separate work and rest!

2. Play with Colours – Or... Don’t!

When decorating the bedroom, colour plays an important role. Bold, but harmoniously matched colours, or dreamy shades of grey? You can choose! Tip: Opt for soft shades rather than bright colours. Earthy tones have a grounding and soothing effect. If you want to keep your walls white, there are plenty of nuances with greys and creams that can add a bit of depth. Sarah from the Coco Lapine Design blog demonstrates!

Bedroom decoration in red and earth tones
Coupled wall candleholder by ferm Living
Grey Bedroom

3. Make the Most of What You’ve Already Got

Bed linens, lamps, mirrors, rugs – the staples of your bedroom make the perfect starting point for your redesign. They come in many designs. Carefully selected and harmoniously co-ordinated, they create a wonderful base that can be rounded off with one or two extra accessories.

myfelt - Lotte rectangular rug
On and off switch on the cord
Retro-chic in the bedroom

Different lamps not only decorate the bedroom, but also create an ambient, indirect light. Complement the ceiling light and the reading light on your bedside table with a stylish table lamp atop the dresser. If chosen effectively, the ceiling lamp can even be your statement piece. Pendant lamps are especially suited to envelop the room in a soft light. Available in a wide variety of shapes and materials, the lamp shade can be a key decor piece in your bedroom.

4. Use Cushions and Blankets for More than Just Comfort

Textiles are your secret weapon against a cold, unwelcoming bedroom. With harmoniously combined colours, cushions and blankets ooze warmth, and so much more. They give a structure to the bed and extend the decorative ambience of the room. Combine your bed linen with decorative cushions from the same colour family and add a casual throw. Even the chair, which waits ready for clothes to be put on it, looks much better with the addition of a cushion.

5. Add Finishing Touches to Your Bedroom Decor

Add one or two thoughtful accessories and some photographs to complete your new bedroom look. Here, too, you should avoid using too many colours: this is your chance to highlight the colours that you have used for your bed linen and walls. Stay true to your bedroom decor style.

The Georg Table mirror from Skagerak staged by Sarah
Tits on a Cherry Branch (Koson) by IXXI
YU Shelf by Konstantin Slawinski as a bedside table

It’s true that the bedroom is not well-suited for plants – especially when thick curtains block out the sun for most of the day – but that’s no reason you can’t have Zamioculcas, ferns, Soleirolia or Philodendrons! All of them thrive in low-light environments. Some plants are even considered particularly air-purifying, making them perfect for the bedroom: look into Aloe Vera, mountain palms or certain types of ivy. Alternatively, branches can look wonderful int he bedroom. Blogger Sarah displays a cotton branch in a vase.

Été cover 200 x 140 cm from Hay in dark greenOur recommendations for you:Bed LinenView now!

Try it yourself and create a space of rest and relaxation: the bedroom of your dreams. Have fun decorating!

Photo credit: Hatice Köse from @koe.se, Sarah Van Peteghem from cocolapinedesign.com, Pepper Schmidt from heimatbaum.com

Article from the 2018-02-07, by Anja Beckmann

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