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Children's Bedroom

Discover ideas for decorating the children's bedroom - with child-friendly furniture and unique decor.

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Children's Bedroom Furniture Ideas: Create an Enriching Environment

Irresistible curiosity, honest joy and boundless imagination: The life of your child is a unique adventure. Support the development of your child by creating an inspiring environment for them. Designers all over the world - themselves mothers and fathers - have designed children's furniture, accessories and toys tailored to the needs of your little ones. Using these innovative designs, our children's bedroom ideas make decorating child's play.

What You Should Look For When Choosing Children's Furniture

When climbed on and played with daily, children's bedroom furniture needs to be very resilient. It needs to be able to resist damage during rough and tumble, and more importantly it needs to ensure the safety of your child no matter what. Look out for solid materials: a varnish will protect wood from scratches, and if something is made from plastic it needs to be just as strong. The children's bedroom furniture from Jäll & Tofta, De Breuyn, Kalon and Sebra are made to last for generations. It's not just the materials used that allow for sustainable use: furniture that grows with your children is currently on trend.

Create a Personal Touch with Children's Bedroom Decoration

Expand on the bed and chest of drawers with a small children's table and matching chairs. This gives your child space to craft, build Lego and play games. When choosing toys, keep an eye out for the age restriction to choose the right one for your child. Many other original childrens' items and colourful storage boxes help you give the room a personal touch and keep that creative chaos organised!