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Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair from £27.00 *Vitra - Miniature Plywood Elephant Vitra - Miniature Plywood Elephant £145.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames DSW Chair Vitra - Miniature Eames DSW Chair £109.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Paper bag vase Rosenthal - Miniature Paper bag vase £22.00 *Vitra - Miniature La Chaise Vitra - Miniature La Chaise £199.00 *Vitra - Miniature Aarnio Ball Chair Vitra - Miniature Aarnio Ball Chair £239.00 *Vitra - Miniature Wiggle Side Chair Vitra - Miniature Wiggle Side Chair £89.00 *Vitra - Miniature Lounge Chair & Ottoman Vitra - Miniature Lounge Chair & Ottoman £475.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Miniature Panton Chair Vitra - Miniature Panton Chair £115.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Fast Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Fast £22.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase of Phases Rosenthal - Miniature Vase of Phases £22.00 *Vitra - Miniature Rood Blauwe Stoel Vitra - Miniature Rood Blauwe Stoel £159.00 *Vitra Miniature - Zig Zag Stoel Vitra Miniature - Zig Zag Stoel £109.00 *Vitra - Miniature Hill House 1 Vitra - Miniature Hill House 1 £185.00 *Vitra - Miniature B3 Wassily Vitra - Miniature B3 Wassily £179.00 *Vitra - Miniature MR 90 Barcelona Vitra - Miniature MR 90 Barcelona £319.00 *Vitra - Miniature Aalto Art. 41 "Paimio" Vitra - Miniature Aalto Art. 41 "Paimio" £155.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames LCW Chair Vitra - Miniature Eames LCW Chair £155.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames RAR Vitra - Miniature Eames RAR £115.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames DKR Wire Chair Vitra - Miniature Eames DKR Wire Chair £179.00 *Vitra - Miniature Coconut Chair Vitra - Miniature Coconut Chair £195.00 *Vitra - Miniature Saarinen Tulip Chair Vitra - Miniature Saarinen Tulip Chair £155.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames Stool, Model A Vitra - Miniature Eames Stool, Model A £95.00 *Vitra - Miniature Well Tempered Chair Vitra - Miniature Well Tempered Chair £205.00 *Vitra - Miniature Tom Vac Chair Vitra - Miniature Tom Vac Chair £115.00 *Vitra - Miniature Bocca Sofa Vitra - Miniature Bocca Sofa £169.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair minature Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair minature £36.25 *Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Miniature Pile Bed Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Miniature Pile Bed £88.00 *Vitra - Miniature MR 20 Vitra - Miniature MR 20 £185.00 *Vitra - Miniature W1 Chair Vitra - Miniature W1 Chair £115.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Flux Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Flux £22.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Surface Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Surface £22.00 *Vitra - Miniature Thonet Chair No. 14 Vitra - Miniature Thonet Chair No. 14 £175.00 *Vitra - Miniature Prouvé Standard chair Vitra - Miniature Prouvé Standard chair £179.00 *Vitra - Miniature Landi Chair Vitra - Miniature Landi Chair £180.00 *Vitra - Miniature Eames & Saarinen Organic Armchair Vitra - Miniature Eames & Saarinen Organic Armchair £155.00 *

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Design classics as miniatures

Miniature Furniture & Accessories: Great Design Classics, Done Small

The Eames RAR rocking chair, the Surface vase, the Bell side table - manufacturers such as Vitra, Rosenthal and ClassiCon offer world-famous design classics in mini format - collector's items for furniture lovers. The miniatures, in scale 1:6, are equipped true to detail, like a cut from the original. Meticulous handwork is present wherever extraordinary miniature furniture is created - every seam sits, every notch gets its place. Discover unique replicas in our design miniature shop!

Miniature models by Connox - your advantages at a glance:

The Value of a Design Miniature

Design miniatures illustrate the value that design is given and its overwhelming role in the industrial production process. Some miniatures, such as the Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier or the rotblaue chair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, are now just as well-known as most famous works of art. They are coveted by museums and collectors around the world. Miniature furniture shows the variety of styles of contemporary design in a fascinating way and offers a unique access to the history of furniture design.

Vitra Miniature Collection - Design Replicas in 1:6 Scale

Vitra maintains its own collection of miniature models of design classics. The Miniatures Collection of the Vitra Design Museum includes key objects of international design history from 1850 to today. Each miniature is equivalent to the original in design, material and colour. Fidelity makes a Vitra miniature much more than just an object to collect: they have their firm place as illustrative material in universities and design schools. In our interior design shop, you have a choice of more than 100 models. The collection of the Vitra Design Museum as well as the miniatures range from Connox are constantly expanding.

Learn more here about the manufacturing process of a design miniature at the Vitra Design Museum.

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