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Design Radio - Sound System, DJ Booth and Alarm Clock in One

89% of the population in the United Kingdom tune in to radio every week. The radio is the number one for casual listening - on the way to work, while cooking or in the morning in the bathroom. And the devices are increasingly adapting to the needs of their users. Today, many design radios provide an integrated docking station, support the use of internet radio via Wi-Fi or are Bluetooth-enabled. Find your favourite!

Design radio in the home design shop - Your Benefits at a Glance

The History of Radio

In the 19th century, physicist Heinrich Hertz proves the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the air. For the time being, the discovery was only used for military purposes – for instance, in the form of valve-sets. In October 1923, the first radio show finally went live. Foxtrot songs were performed live by a studio band. Since then, radio has celebrated great success. Until this day, the radio continuous to develop. You can find out more about the history and the success of DAB devices in the post "The History of the Radio" in our home design blog.

Bluetooth: Your Favourite Music Anywhere and Anytime

Bluetooth is now one of the minimum requirements of many radio users. A Bluetooth-enabled DAB device makes it possible to connect smartphones and laptops to the radio and to use it as a mobile speaker. This is particularly beneficial outdoors to avoid annoying chargers. Many mobile design radios have a rechargeable battery.

Radio Alarm Clock: Start Your Day with Music

Nothing is more annoying than the monotonous beeping from an alarm clock tearing us from our dreams in the morning. A radio alarm clock allows you to wake up to your favourite songs and new hits. Another handy feature: When getting ready to leave the house, you can simply continue listening to the music. The Tivoli Audio - PAL + BT has the classic Tivoli retro charm. The alarm setting with two different adjustable times ensures that no train or plane will be missed. The table radio wakes you either with an alarm tone or the sounds of your favourite radio stations.

Tivoli Audio: Unusual designs and Crystal Clear Sound

Manufacturer Tivoli Audio sells DAB, DAB+ and PAL+ devices that comply with the highest standards of design and quality. On the outside, the radios are reminiscent of your grandma's old radio. But the technology inside the table radios has thoroughly changed since then. Since the first radio, the Model Eight, new brand developments have constantly been added. For instance, the iPod accessory iYiYi and the Music System.

Retro Radio: Charm and Nostalgia

Whether you prefer a radio with a wooden case or one of extravagant blue silicone in 80s style: With a retro radio, you are sure to be trendy. Like with all retro devices, the operating service is as simple and user-friendly as possible. All you need is an on and off switch, a channel knob and a volume button. The Magno Wooden Radio is made of pine wood and East Indian rosewood. It takes 16 hours of work from the first cutting to the wrapping of the radio in silk paper. The unique and hand-assembled radio is produced in more than 20 steps.

Our Connox design radios have the latest technology standards. Whether in classic retro design, with a modern style or in futuristic iPod-design - all radios provide maximum listening pleasure.

Want to buy your design radio online? Have it delivered to you comfortably at home by Connox within a few workdays!