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Vacuum Cleaner without Bag

No more changing the dust bag, no reduced suction power if the bag is almost full, no shopping for expensive bags. With the Root Cyclone™ technology, Dyson has developed an innovative system of cyclones which makes vacuum cleaner bags a thing of the past. Remove the container, dump out the dirt, rinse it, plug it in again — and off you go! Because this system has been proven for years, all vacuum cleaners at Connox are bagless.

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Bagless Vacuum Cleaning — This is How it Works

In addition to functionality, comfort during vacuum cleaning is one of the most important development components for vacuum cleaners. As well as battery power, which allows cordless cleaning, the dust container is a key factor in the operation of floor cleaning devices. Changing the dust bag is often complicated and requires patience. Also the cost factor when shopping for bags plays a role in the decision for or against a hand-held vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner without bags.

The origin of the cyclone vacuum cleaner was the Dyson Dual Cyclone™ technology, which replaced the traditional dust bag with two cyclone chambers that do not clog. This is how the innovative filter type works: the outer cyclone swirls coarse dirt out while the inner cyclone accelerates the air even more in order to suck up fine dust particles. The developers of the Dyson vacuum cleaners discovered that a cyclone with a smaller diameter produced an even stronger centrifugal force. They took advantage of this principle and created a new cyclone system: the air is passed through a large cyclone and simultaneously distributed to several smaller cyclones. The Root Cyclone™ technology was born. The special filter system spares you not only the classic dust bag, but it also provides consistently high suction performance — even if the dust container is almost full. Thus, you benefit from improved dust collection until the very end. By using this system, Dyson even developed special allergy vacuum cleaners, which are suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners in the Design Shop — Your Advantages At a Glance:

Things to Consider When Buying

The quality factor when choosing a vacuum cleaner is, above all, the suction power and the operating mode. For rechargeable vacuum cleaners, you should check the duration of the battery at full suction power. Other factors that can influence your purchase decision are the container volume, the energy efficiency class as well as noise and weight. Different suction levels allow individual suction power control. Some cleaners are outfitted with a special design, for example the DC52 with patented ball technology, which makes the device particularly manoeuvrable. Find information about these points on the respective product page as well as in the related PDF data sheet — available for download.

It is sometimes easy to overlook the many technical details and to select the correct device. If you have any questions, our customer service team is happy to help you!

Would you like to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner? Let us send you your favourites direct to your door safely and within a few days! For other devices for cleaning your home, see our section household aids.