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Iittala Glasses

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Longevity is one of the outstanding features of the Finnish design brand Iittala. In terms of both durability during long-term everyday use as well as with regard to their timeless design, the Iittala brand products are known for their durability. The design of Iittala has existed since 1881. During the past 135 years, Iittala has developed many other utensils for the kitchen which make cooking more beautiful spreading joy onto the table.

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Iittala Glasses for Drinking Pleasure

The selection of Iittala glasses is big. Next to Designer Dinnerware, you can find the entire range of drinking glasses for your cabinet of glasses. From normal water glasses with carafes to wine glasses with decanters, drinking glasses, drinking goblets or champagne glasses. You'll find everything you need for your everyday use as well as glasses for the festive evenings in the glasses collections by Iittala.

1. Design & Collections
2. Iittala Range of Products
3. Price

1. Iittala Glasses - Nordic Design Combined with High-Quality Material

The Iittala wine glasses of the Collection Ultima Thule take on the shape of the ice of melting glaciers. The transparent and dishwasher-safe glasses are available in all variations – from a shot glass to the drinking goblet, the Collection Design from the 1960s offers many different glasses. The Essence Glasses have a radically simple design. All glasses - either Iittala wine glasses or Iittala champagne glasses - have the same bottom and same stem. The goblets also have a geometric basic shape which is adapted to its use. Due to their elaborate design, all glasses can be combined perfectly with each other. The Senta Glass series offers delicate, festive and dishwasher-safe glasses for wine and champagne, while the Lempi Goblets are made in different colours for everyday use.

The Taika Collection by Iittala is a tableware series made of dishwasher-safe porcelain with design patterns of the designer Klaus Haapaniemi. The Kastehelmi Collection was designed in 1964 by Oiva Toikka. The glasses, bowls and plates have drops of glass on their outside, which gives them a distinctive look and a wonderful feel. The Kartio Collection is a series of drinking glasses, which was designed by the designer Kaj Franck in the 50s. The glasses are characterised by their geometric simplicity that fits perfectly the hand.

In other collections, you can find Iittala glasses in classic Nordic design, the material in thick or fine glass, with figural and ornamental patterns, with coloured glass, or with fancy surfaces and design classics as well as modern creations. Whenever you buy Iittala glasses, your cabinet for glasses is immediately supplemented with high-quality design.

2. Iittala Has a Lot to Offer

Iittala does not only stand for glasses of high-quality workmanship and outstanding design. The designer Alvar Aalto designed his famous vase with its organic shape, which became a classic of Finnish design in 1936. The Alvar Aalto Collection manufactures the curved shape of the vase in many other products. Lanterns, serving trays and bowls join the vase and play with the wave shape.
The Collection Iittala Citterio 98 is a cutlery series by the Italian designer Antonio Citterio. The classic and restrained design convinces on festive day tables as well as in everyday life. Many other renowned designers such as Aino Aalto, Alfredo Häberli, Harri Koskinen or Tapio Wirkkala, as well as many others who are responsible for tableware series, cookware collections and collections with names such as Tanssi, Vitriini and Sarjaton, are among Iittala's creators.

3. Price: Iittala Glasses - Something for Everyone

A reasonably priced classic among Iittala glasses is part of the Kartio Collection. These dishwasher-safe Iittala glasses made of clear glass are simple and elegant. The reasonably priced everyday glasses are available in different colours. The Kartio Collection offers glasses and carafes.

The Iittala glasses in the middle price segment from the Taika Collection have figures and ornaments etched into the glass, whereas the glasses of the Aarne Collection are classics. The noble glasses of the upper price segment are blown and made of very thin material and are characterised by their clear, timeless shape.

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