The brand byGraziela is specialized in products for children. The bed linen with hearts makes the room of your kid shine in a bright red. Available in the design shop!


In the 1970s, the Graziela Preiser motifs took children’s and grown-up’s hearts by storm. Now, byGraziela brings the products back to the market.

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byGraziela - Poster ABC byGraziela - Poster ABC £18.00 *byGraziela - Children's Dishes Train byGraziela - Children's Dishes Train, 3 pieces £36.00 *byGraziela - Poster Farm byGraziela - Poster Farm £18.00 *byGraziela - Art Prints Circus byGraziela - Art Prints Circus A3, Lion £11.00 *byGraziela - Poster Circus byGraziela - Poster Circus £18.00 *byGraziela - Children’s Bed Linen Farm byGraziela - Children’s Bed Linen Set Farm 135 x 100cm £44.00 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Clover byGraziela - Bed Linen Set Clover, 135 x 200 / 80 x 80 cm, blue/grey £56.00 *byGraziela - Children's Dishes 1,2,3 byGraziela - Children's Dishes 1,2,3, set of 3 £36.00 *byGraziela - Farm Pillowcase byGraziela - Pillowcase Farm 40 x 40 cm £14.00 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Farm byGraziela - Bed Linen Set Farm 135 x 200cm / 80 x 80cm £56.00 *byGraziela - Mug Heart byGraziela - Mug Heart, red £14.00 *byGraziela - Poster Train byGraziela - Poster Train 50 x 70cm £18.00 *byGraziela - Bed linen Train byGraziela - Bed Linen Train 135 x 200cm £56.00 *byGraziela - Pillowcase Train byGraziela - Pillowcase Train 40 x 40cm £14.00 *byGraziela - Reversible Bed Linen Hearts byGraziela - Reversible Bed Linen Hearts 135 x 200cm, grey £56.00 *byGraziela - Children's Bed Linen Apple byGraziela - Children's Bed Linen Apple, blue / green £44.00 *byGraziela - Reversible Children’s Bed Linen Hearts byGraziela - Reversible Children’s Bed Linen Hearts 135 x 100cm, grey £44.00 *byGraziela - Reversible Children’s Bed Linen Hearts byGraziela - Reversible Children’s Bed Linen Hearts 135 x 100cm, black £44.00 *byGraziela - Bed Linen Apple byGraziela - Bed Linen Apple 135 x 200 cm, blue £56.00 *

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In the 1970s, the motifs by Graziela Preiser took children's and grown-up's hearts by storm. With their clear, striking designs, the textiles, tableware and bed linen were in every household and shaped childhood memories of an entire generation. Now the iconic products are back on the market –

Graziela Preiser and her daughter Nina Nägel together founded the label byGraziela, bringing the products back to the market. The moment of the relaunch was chosen knowingly by mother and daughter: "Those that slept in Graziela bed linen, dreamed in Graziela pyjamas and drank out of Graziela cups are now at the age of becoming parents today," explained Nina Nägel, who wanted to cover her son with the train bed linen as well. "Mothers all around the world send us emails and ask for the Graziela products. They associate wonderful memories with the bed linen and want to pass them on to their children."

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