Flötotto - ADD System

Flötotto - ADD System Collection , 16-6

Completely free to be combined: The Flötotto ADD system works according to the construction kit principle. The system furniture from Werner Aisslinger enables the realization of all kinds of furniture.

Whether sideboard, lowboard, highboard, wardrobe, shelf or all the other things – the Flötotto ADD System becomes the furniture which is needed. Again and again, making the clever piece of furniture a perfect partner, if it comes to move or if the taste changes. According to your demands.

ADD was designed by the system-furniture expert Werner Aisslinger. A&W-Designer of the year 2014 Werner Aisslinger gave some straight-lined and clear shapes to the chest of drawers, combining them with natural materials. This is the reason why the ADD series is the ideal partner in all kinds of furnishings, since timelessness is granted.

Flötotto ADD: Flexible system furniture Made in Germany

The impressing flexibility of the German made Flötotto ADD system comes from the system raster, which is based on two basic formats. The dimensions of the axes of the elements are 40 x 21 cm and 80 x 21 cm. This simple and innovative concept makes it possible for all the elements to be connected and combined freely.

The connection of the ADD elements occurs with patented connection knots, which work with a simple pressure button principle, which isn't visible from the outside, erasing all stylish doubts. Here you will be able to clip in front, side and back walls without any screws or also to add new elements. Add from Werner Aisslinger and Flötotto is an absolutely contemporaneous concept, which seamlessly adapts to modern, flexible demands.