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Iittala - Raami

Iittala - Manufacturers collection Raami Banner

Timeless tableware series for a pleasant atmosphere on the table

The Raami series by Jasper Morrison for Iittala creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere at the table. With it, the British designer wanted to create a range of tableware that was limited to the essentials and at the same time familiar and friendly in order to make everyday life a little easier and better. Rammi (Finnish frame) looks innovative and at the same time familiar, like something you've known all your life. In designing Raami, Jasper Morrison took into account the role objects play in creating an atmosphere. A good atmosphere at the table frames the moment and lets you enjoy the food and the company of the people even more.

Made of ceramics, glass and wood, each piece convinces with its uniqueness and practical use. Both alone and especially in a group with other Rammi products, each piece on the table unfolds its charm. As with a family or a group of friends, each member brings their own particularities to the table.

"Creating a pleasant atmosphere is a human instinct that plays an important role in improving the quality of our daily lives." Morrison believes.

In our hectic world, the desire for balance and flexibility is growing all the time. That is why Morrison has created objects that are indispensable for everyday life and with their timeless appearance and high quality will last for decades.