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Innermost was founded in 1999 by designers Steve Jones and Russell Cameron in London.

Innermost was founded in 1999 by designers Steve Jones and Russell Cameron in London.

They aimed to build a design brand by collaborating with the huge reservoir of design talent London offers. The brand was to focus on lighting initially and build into a wider collection over time.

Launching any design is always a hard task; the sinplest of objects always hide the pain that went into their creation. Every designer that brings them their valuable idea has a different feeling about the object and it is Innermost's job to balance and manage these needs and make sure the market understands, accepts and desires them.

Today the company has two parts, one focuses on crafting what you see on this website and the other on doing this same thing for a selected group of quality clients, contributing manufacturing and design consultancy to other people's range and projects.

This year has seen them launch many exciting new itms an expand the places they sell widely. This brings with it a lot more knowledge as they learn about how people view design in allthe corners of the world; it is usually different. Last count they were doing projects or had distributions in 32 countries and most of them seemed to want a different typ of plug!

This internationalism is reflected in the origins of the designers whose work they represent now coming from 12 different nations. The world they have discoveres is packed with talented poeple.

For them "The more they travel the more they see, the more interesting people they meet, truly a privileged journey."

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