LOWKON was founded 2003 in Hechingen, South Germany, beneath quaint Hohenzollern Castle. The area between the river Neckar and the Swabian Alb has always been the home of innovative members of the middle classes, as one may conclude from the multitude of mechanical engineering companies. On the other hand, this has for a long time been the heart of the German clothing industry. Fashion and feeling for good forms have shaped the citizens of Hechingen.

Lowkon is a design company taking up these roots and developing innovative design products. The first product ready for marketing is the SIGMARAIL® aluminium CD shelving system.

Lowkon SIGMARAIL® Aluminium CD Regalsystem

"Form follows function" is the motto of Mike Büchert, owner of Lowkon; and accordingly, he backed design that adapts to the elegant and classic simplicity of Bauhaus style.

"The 'Bauhaus' is intended to foster contemporary housing development, from simple kitchen appliances to complete residential buildings", thus Walter Gropius described its purpose in 1925. "Bauhaus wants to train a new, hitherto unknown type of industrial worker and artisan, mastering technology and form to the same degree." (Grundsätze der Bauhausproduktion. In: Neue Arbeiten der Bauhauswerkstätten, Baubuch, 1925).

Perfect function and minimalist design are the outstanding qualities of SIGMARAIL®. Consequently, Lowkon object|design is entirely in the tradition of the Bauhaus classics.
You'll enjoy a Lowkon product for a lifetime.

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