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The goal of nomon watches is to produce high quality and extravagant clocks that are exceptional because of their design as well as the technically convincing function.

Nomon clocks: The return of the wall clock

nomon is one of the leading indoor clocks manufacturers. The clocks are sold in more than 80 countries all over the world and are made to be used at home, in the office or public rooms. The aim of nomon was to design high class and extravagant clocks, which are distinctive because of their design as well as their function.

Handmade unique pieces

nomon clocks are manufactured in the company's own workshops in Barcelona and connect innovative clocks technique of Germany as well as exceptional handicraft og Spain in order to create a long-lasting product. Each clock is therefore a handmade. The selected materials are of the highest quality and carefully added to become a unique clock.

Minimalist design meets exclusive material

The designer at nomon is José Maria Reina. His designs are innovative and transcendent in the form as well as in the choice of materials.
His skill encourages the aesthetic value of clocks and transformed as an everyday item into a design object. The wall clocks have regained their reputation as decorative elements with prestige thanks to him. He defines his watches as pieces of furniture that show not only the time but are also able to measure the rhythm of their own existence.

"Each material, no matter how exceptional, is able to become an extravagant and elegant object" , explained the designer, who likes to experiment with new and exceptional materials for new designs all over again.

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