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The Osram Brand has been registered in 1906 and counts to the most ancient of the world's famous brands today. The 1st of July 1919, the three companies AEG, Siemens & Halske AG and Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG put their bulbs production together. The Siemens AG is the only participant of the Osram GmbH today.

Osram is one of two leading light manufacturers of the world. Osram is a high tech company of the light area and makes up 70% of the whole revenue with energy efficient products. The strongly international oriented company has 40,000 employees all around the world, delivers customers in 150 countries and produces in 46 factories in 17 countries.

Leading future technologies all around the world

Osram leads in all steps of the light-value creation chain, for classic as well as new technologies. With a participation of 20% of the LED based products of the whole sales, the company sets trends at the technology changes in the light market. The effort for research and development make up about 5.5% of the revenue.

Light for all areas of life

The sales-strongest product area is the general illumination. At car-lamps and LEDs for vehicles, Osram is the world-wide number one. On the area of the electric research devices (EGV) for lamps, Osram also keeps a leading position in the market. The greatly growing Optohalbleitern (Opto-half-director) has the widest strategically importance. A high innovation velocity also brands the Display-Optic special lamps area.


WZ 86,924: Behind these five digits of the register of trademarks hides a curious history of the German economy. Osram is one of the tradition-richest trademarks of the world today, it is considered the embodiment of light and it was born more than a hundren years ago.

The Osram registration was "born"in 1906 and appointed by the German Gasglühlicht-Anstalt (Gas lantern institution): the name was a new word-creation out of the common radiation materials at that time – initially Osmium and later Wolfram. The company, the Osram Werke GmbH limited partnership emerged 13 years later (the 1st of July 1919). The Auer-Company, AEG and Siemens & Halske AG founded their bulbs production at that time; however, Siemens is the only member since 1978.

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