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Red Edition

Since 2006, the founder of Red Edition, Cyril Labrode, has put great emphasis on shapely, colourful and simple furniture creations. Red Edition stands for elegant, colourful and simple furniture creations with elegant vintage charm.

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Hand-crafted French Furniture

The founder of Red Edition, Cyril Laborde, is a child of the contemporary era: he professes to love the digital age, the simplicity of connecting and easy access to other cultures. The design company Red Edition, founded in 2006 in Paris, is the concentration of everything that inspires Cyril Labord.

Their furniture is designed in Paris by a team of designers and creative minds and then manufactured in Saigon. What fascinates Cyril Laborde about the time we live in is how finished furniture can be displayed in Paris, Hong Kong or even anywhere in the world, while the designs can be sought after in countries like Denmark.

Without dense networks and globalisation, it would never have become popular in these countries.

Red Edition Furniture:
Objects with Vintage Charm

The fascination with the possibilities of digitisation is complemented by a passion for craftsmanship and traditional methods. The diversity and know-how of Vietnamese handiwork, and Saigon's in particular, have interested Laborde for a long time and are an essential part of Red Edition's furniture manufacturing process.Since 2006, Red Edition has stood for elegant, colourful and simple furniture creations with elegant vintage charm.The French furniture by Red Edition is in line with the spirit of the times and is still compatible with everyday life.It adapts to homes, needs and individual desires and makes everyday life nicer and easier.

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