Ann Wåhlström

Ann Wåhlström - Designer with A Passion for Glass

Ann Wåhlström is a glassblower and designer from Sweden, where she was born in Stockholm in 1957. In the years between 1977 and 1982, Wahlström had many training stations. Among other things, she studied glass blowing in Orrefors and was then in the United States, at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State. From 1986 to 2005, she worked as a designer for Kosta Boda, a company that manufactures glass products.

Abstract Design
Wåhlströms products include various glass vessels such as vases and bowls. But also other materials, for example porcelain, are used for her designs. With her design, Ann Wåhlström creates abstract painting on glass. Bright, colourful colours characterise the surfaces of some imaginatively shaped objects.

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