Carlo Borer

Carlo Borer

Carlo Borer was born I 1961 and continued studying on his own after his graduation of the Matura. Initially he focused on fine arts and drawing as a freelance since 1981. Later on, Carlo Borer worked completely three-dimensional and considered himself as object constructor. First furniture objects emerged at the same time as his artwork starting in 1992. Originally thought to be used privately by him, the products soon were produced in small series.

Borer's most successful object, the espresso machine Etienne Louis was produced more than 1700 times and distributed in whole Europe. Carlo Borer's designs emerge digital on CAD since a few years.

Borer builds objects with suggestive forms that encourage our fantasy and creativity without reducing the design's function. Form follows function without losing fantasy – might be his credo.

Carlo Borer's objects should delight, appeal fantasy and make us dream. Always designed with an eye-wink, Borer's objects are continuously perfectly thought and produced. Borer is fascinated by the duty of making something suggestive and maybe crazy out of a function, without losing any of its utility at all.

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