Designer Mika Barr

Mika Barr

The designer and artist Mika Barr designs innovative textiles. In addition to the striking patterns, the material has unique properties that transform the material into a sophisticated three-dimensional surface.

Mika Barr was born in 1982 and studied at the Shenkar College for Design in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan before founding her design studio Mika Barr in Tel Aviv. During her studies she had already begun focussing on textiles, transforming them into special pieces using unusual processes.

The designs by the Israeli designer are characterised by the special textures, making it possible to fold the textiles three-dimensionally. Inspiration for her innovative design approach is based on the relationship between city and nature as well as geometric and organic shapes. Today the Mika Barr 3D textiles are used in many areas, from cushions to lampshades and from fashion to museums.

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