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Doris Gassmann

Doris Gassmann

Doris Grassmann considers design as an essential part of life, with its realisation using arts and crafts being her way to transfer her ideas to reality. The Hessonian-born designer works on jewellery, graphic and web design as well as texts and urban planning.

Doris Gassmann has made jewellery since 1978. In all these years she has tried out many facets of creative production, with goldsmithing being a part of that, albeit the most consistent. Gassmann's jewellery has changed a lot over the years, as exploring new aspects of making and designing it is more important to her than a consistent ability to be recognised.

Gassmann is interested in the emotional value of the things she creates. The feelings she creates. The film which plays for the observer, the associations awakened, the internal journey to a place of joy and wellbeing... She is bored by pure formalism. She has her very own style, favourite materials and technologie.s

In addition to jewellery design, Doris Gassmann does graphic and web design and has discovered a passion for creating texts. The German also works on the interior development and planning of her hometown, Ortenberg.

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