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Fries & Zumbühl

Fries & Zumbühl

The Swiss design team Fries & Zumbühl have worked together since 2003. Behind the name are Jakob Zumbühl and Kevin Fries.

"When working together on a shared project during our studies, we quickly discovered that our very different approaches to working and thinking were a great enrichment for the project. The intense exchange of views, reasoning and and mutual issues strengthen the shared decisions in design and implementation. The collaboration, which came about coincidentally and was loose at the start, has intensified over the last three and a half years and has proven itself time and again. We're looking forward to new projects and conversations - but most of all to more product collaborations."

They design products and concepts with distinct form, both on their own as well as with future and design-oriented companies.

"In objects, we see more than a material put into a form with a function. Each object possesses its own identity and displays characteristics that can awaken emotional connections in its user. A good product-user relationship extends the lifetime of a product and maybe even the user's too. This connection with a personal object can become so great that new products don't have the power to replace older ones that have earned the user's love, despite better functionality and usefulness."

Jakob Zumbühl graduated from the Academy of Art and Design as an industrial designer. During and after his employment as an architecture assistant at the ETH, he created furnishing concepts and furniture systems for atCaps Architects. Alongside his part-time jobs, he constantly continued on his own projects – both alone and in partnership with others. His products have been presented in Zurich, Cologne, Milan and Paris – the Pachific lounger has travelled the world for two years now with the Swiss design exhibition Criss&Cross.

"We want to create products with their own identity and character that can be experienced with multiple senses and thus offer added value. We create things that are new and distinct, being different from other products through function, expression and emotion. Thinking and designing in all three dimensions propels us to use highly varied approaches. Developing knowledge of new areas through projects, interacting with materials and their features and curiosity for technologies and manufacturing processes always keeps interesting and fascinating us. The user enjoying products created by us remains our greatest validation and motivation."

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