Troels Øder Hansen

Troels Øder Hansen

Good design since the first day at school

Troels Øder Hansen is a Copenhagen-based designer with many years of experience in furniture, product and interior design. His design career began with his first day at school. At Vidar School and Holbæk Art Folk School he attended courses in craftsmanship, where he gained his first experience with different materials and art forms. After graduating, he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and received his master's degree in 2004.

Troels Øder Hansens appreciates design with a distinct idea, preferably with clear, new and surprising thoughts. What constitutes "good design" is not clear, however. It always consists of a thought or an idea that manifests itself in a physical object, which is always in context. The combination of these elements can be very different in design and therefore it always tries to adapt to the given conditions.

"I find great satisfaction through the process of developing a new idea, from concept to physical models. There is a fundamental challenge at every stage of design and concept development. I try to challenge myself and always learn new things to improve myself. "

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