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Vincent Vandenbrouck

Vincent Vandenbrouck

Vincent Vandenbrouck is a Canadian designer whose approach to design is very free - what really matters is creativity and environmental friendliness.

As a member of the group Mouvement Créatif, Vandenbrouck associates his products with the Ecodesign label. This means that his objects are not only practical but also make a statement on environmental and social issues. Naturally, this includes the use of sustainable materials and production processes.

Thoughtful Ecological Design

Vincent Vandenbrouck's approach is very free: The Canadian designer sees design as a process whose outcome cannot be determined in advance.

This way of thinking unites him with the team of the Mouvement Créatif, which is active in many areas, ranging from event management to installations, interior design and product design. All of the group's projects have in common their ecological spirit: Ever since the foundation at the end of the 90s, recycled fabrics and sustainably grown natural materials have formed the cornerstone of all designs of Mouvement Créatif, including those of Vincent Vandenbrouck.

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